Uninterrupted Shooting of Virtual Porn

Have you heard that VR porn cannot be edited? So actress is required to have impressive and uninterrupted vr anal sex for 25 minutes with a partner whom you won’t see. Because the partner will be you. The face of the actor at such moments is rarely seen, and the shooting is as close as possible to what the viewer would see if the actress had sex with him.

What Are the Challenges?

  • When you put on a helmet, your reality goes away;
  • You no longer watch movies on the computer, you teleport to the room to the actress;
  • Your hands are not occupied with a keyboard or mouse;
  • You don’t contemplate on the fantasy from the outside, you are inside it.

So production studios have a lot to do in terms of purchasing expansive equipment and choosing proper actors to play because the process of one intercourse can’t be stopped.

Why Users Like It?

The clients’ erotic escapism, in the opinion of many experts, is the future not only of pornography but also of technology in general. Because the whole history of porn goes hand in hand with the history of innovations. The first almost always became the unwitting herald of the second.

Market experts recognize that any new product that makes it easier for users to access pornography is moving faster than others. People willing to pay for porn popularize technology. They reduce its costs.

Behind VR Adult Movie Shooting

  • People are biologically predisposed to the contemplation of erotic pictures. Our connection with them comes from time immemorial. Let’s remember our Neanderthal ancestors. The diversity of their cave images can be described in one word: “Vulva.” Scientists claim that cavemen masturbated to these drawings. The practice of depicting naked women goes back thousands of years, which becomes apparent after five minutes in an art museum.
  • We now like our forefathers in the era of daguerreotypes and cinematographs – instantly put a new invention at the service our desire to observe how other people have sex. At the same time, smart producers have accumulated mountains of content that could be easily repurposed for new needs: they took the film, cut it, edit it, and sell it to the porno site. But with sex in virtual reality, this is a way another story. This is a combination of content, soft, and gadgets. And quality content plays the first role.

So if you fan of such porn, just know: this is a product of really hard teamwork.

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