AR, VR, and MR: What Is the Difference between them?

Today, there are several technologies that can change our perception of reality. Whether it is immersion in the virtual world, extra interactive component or something in between, people benefit from these inventions. All of them are good, and it will be useful to consider the basics of these newly advanced workouts.

Augmented Reality

AR takes your existing world and changes its aspects through a smartphone lens, a set of glasses or even a headset. With AR, you will always see everything that is right in front of you, but with a virtual layer added on top. It strives to superimpose digital information on an image AR can take many different forms.

The most common is the use of a smartphone screen. One of the first and simplest examples is Yelp. They created a feature called Monocle. It uses the smartphone’s camera to show you a lively look at the environment, but with overlapping information on your screen.

Virtual Reality

VR modifies our perception of the world and completely changes the visual environment around us. We perceive it through gadget-generated sensory stimuli as video and sounds. Our actions partially determine what happens around us. Most of VR headsets are designed for the static position of the user and at the same time transmit the image to the glasses screen, using controllers when an individual is immersed in a virtual head.

  • Oculus Rift is number among the highly prized VR headsets. To use it, you need both a computer (to which the headset is connected) and a separate controller for operation. In fact, this is a screen in front of your eyes, which is mounted in a helmet, allowing you to surround yourself with a virtual 360-degree world. PlayStation VR works in a similar way.
  • Cheaper and easier options are Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. They don’t need a computer, just smartphone in the headset.

Mixed Reality

Unlike augmented and virtual, the mixed reality is the next level. It is a compromise between the first two, a certain idea of ​​joint use of technology. In the MR system, shortcomings were eliminated and what we expected from AR was realized.

MR is able to put objects created digitally in a real environment. Wikipedia refers to it like this: Its strength lies in the innovative visualizations where physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time.

The most famous MR device is Microsoft HoloLens. It can scan the room and perceive the surrounding space to accurately mix digital objects with everything around. You can even interact with projected objects with your hands.

It sounds unbelievable, but now these are just plain facts and we may enjoy all innovations.

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